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Fu T kids toys Musical Duck toy Lights Action With Adjustable Sound - Toys for 1 2 3 year girls and boys kids or toddlers

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This dancing duck toy will keep you and your child entertained with fun sing-along tunes, wings flapping, eyes blinking, and mouth opening and closing. All of the sounds it makes are adjustable to mute, low and regular. The bright colors are fun and appealing. Make play time a fun time. NEW PRODUCT WITH FACTORY PACKAGING FEATURES: Bump and Go Action, Wings flap and light up when music begins. Direct from the manufacturer. 3AA batteries required but NOT included. 1- has 4 color buttons on stomach a - first button- picture of a star - makes different duck sounds b - 2nd button - pictures of a duck with musical notes - plays 2 different tunes c- 3rd button- picture of star with musical notes - plays another 3 tunes d - 4th button- picture of a duck - says uh oh 2- Has a red heart on stomach - when pressed it makes the sound of a beating heart 3- Has a little duck in the stomach - when pushed down it says "quack quack" 4- when the hair on the head is pushed down the duck dances around while: a- flapping its arms - which keep lighting up b - opening and closing its eyes c - moving its mouth opens and closed d - the hearts light keeps light up



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