Fun Spider Dart Board Game with 6 Balls Using Hook-and-Loop Fasteners | Learn Numbers and Colors as You Play | Interactive Game and Safe for Kids

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Safe Kids Dart Game with 6 Balls - Spider Web Themed Children can enjoy a fun game of darts with safety in mind. Using the hook-covered balls, each player takes turns throwing 3 colored balls at the target, aiming to hit the highest numbers. After adding up the numbers, the player that scores the most points wins. No need to worry about sharp darts causing injuries or making holes in the wall. This game is safe for children. Set includes: 1 fabric dart board measuring 11.8 inches (30cm) in diameter and 6 colored Hook-and-Loop Fasteners balls for two players


LEARN & HAVE FUN: Learn numbers and colors as you play together. Teachers and parents can use the game to teach math skills, especially addition of high numbers found on the board | VALUE PACK: Set includes 1 fabric loop dart board and 6 colored hook balls for two players | SAFETY FIRST: Classic dart game (in Spider & Web theme design) with safety in mind. Using plastic balls covered in hooks, you will not need to worry about sharp darts causing injuries to children or making holes in the wall | EASY TO USE: Just hang the fabric board to a wall and use the Hook-and-Loop balls to aim at the target. Each player has 3 balls to throw on their turn. The player that scores the most points by adding the hit numbers on the board wins. | 100% HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE: BetterLine strives to provide quality products and service. While our products are made of high-quality material, should you have any issue with your purchase, feel free to contact us for a full refund or exchange. Your happiness with your purchase is our #1 priority!









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