Game Pieces Storage for Board Games, Combo Pack of Pods, XL's and BitsBins, 18 Total Clear Empty Boxes, Works with Pandemic, Carcassonne and Most of your Favorite Board Games

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Organization is one of the key elements in becoming more efficient. Storing small items correctly can be difficult beacuse it the container is too large, the small items end up all over the place again. The Bitsbins are ideal for storing and organizing small pieces. Here are a few examples Paperclips Magnets Dice Small toy figures Meeples Coins The tight snap top lid makes it easy for kids and adults to close and open as they wish


ORGANIZE your BOARD GAMES with this 18 BitsBins Combo Pack. No more loose pieces roaming around in your box or little baggies that you can never seem to open or close properly. You will look like an GAME PLAYING EXPERT when other players see how organized you are! | 4 BitsBins XL's that measure 3.5" X 2.4" X 1.4" | 4 BitsBins that measure 3.125 " X 2.25" X 1.25" | 6 BitsBins PODS that measure 2.5 " diameter X 0.85" tall | 4 BitsBins that measure 2.125" X 1.625" X 0.825"



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