Gifted and Talented Math Flashcards (Wipe Clean) - Essential Math Concepts; for Pre-K - Kindergarten; 80 flashcards, 237 Questions/Activities, Stickers, Fun Games, Pen Included

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Our Gifted and Talented Flashcard booklet includes 80 WIPE-CLEAN flashcards, with 237 questions/activities, number tracing, fun games, activities, re-usable stickers, pen and removable ring.

Learn and Improve:

  • Number Tracing and Writing
  • Math Concepts
  • Adding
  • Subtracting
  • Math Word Problems
  • Sequences
  • Analogies
  • Patterns
  • Shapes
  • Number Matrices
  • Connecting the Numbers


WIPE-CLEAN (re-usable) Flashcards:
All cards are WIPE-CLEAN which allows to easily wipe off and re-do the questions.

Solve and Evole:
The idea of Mind Inventions is to help kids learn the thought process in solving problems. We believe exams are not about memorizing questions and answers but more about developing the ability to problem solve and rationalize. Concepts cover content from some of the key tests such as OLSAT, CogAT, WPPSI, Stanford-Binet, and many more!

Make Learning Fun:
Our flashcards are different from most products because we combine learning with fun. Our booklet is filled with fun activities and games such as mazes, spot the differences, connecting the dots, and comes with re-usable stickers.

Easy for Parents:
Keep your flashcards organized. As parents, we understand, it is important to keep everything organized. Our removable ring allows flexibility to keep the flashcards together.


80 WIPE CLEAN flashcards with over 237 questions/activities for kids ages 3-6 | Math concepts for pre-k and kindergarten gifted and talented test preparation: OLSAT, CogAT, WPPSI, WISC, Stanford-Binet, Bracken, SRT, KBIT, TerraNova, AABL, ITBS, SAT-10 | Practice concepts including: number tracing and writing, addition, subtraction, math word problems, sequences, patterns analogies, shapes, number matrices, connecting the numbers | Unlike other flashcards, our set is filled with fun activities, games, re-usable stickers, and dry erase pen | Booklet comes with removable ring to keep the cards organized

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