Glacier Green Pearl Dual Layer Rubber Bands Refill-600 Bands & 24 C-Clips from Rainbow Loom (B0192)

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Dual-Layer Bands each feature a light, white center with a vibrant external color. Every package includes 600 loom bands & 24 c-clips.


Vibrant Colors grace the outside of each Dual-Layer band from Rainbow Loom while each band is lined with a light, white ring making each color "pop". | Add dual-layer bands to your Raibow Loom rubber bands collection to add dazzling colors to your loom creations. | Dual-layer bands work with the original Rainbow Loom, Monster Tail Loom, Finger Looms & the Hair Loom kits. | Each pack of Dual-Layer bands includes 600 bands and 24 c-clips. | The Glacier Green dual-layer band also features a pearlescent, shimmery metallic outer layer.

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