Glysolid Glycerin Cream Skin Care Lotion - Thick, Smooth, and Silky - Trusted Formula for Hands, Feet and Body 1 fl oz (30ml Tube)

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Glysolid is unlike other skin care products - you'll notice this the first time you try it. Most creams and lotions available today are thin and watery. They absorb quickly but in order to get any lasting benefit, you have to reapply them multiple times per day. Glysolid works differently. It is thick, smooth, and silky. When applied to the skin, Glysolid adds a light protective film, locking in your skin's natural oils and moisture. This protection lasts for hours, providing your skin with the soothing moisture to help repair even the driest skin.


Skin softening hand and body cream made from the advanced European formula for softening your dry, troubled spots: hands, feet, elbows, heels and knees. | Contains 50% glycerin, and the active ingredient allantoin, for a thick and smooth skin cream that softens on the first application and leaves a protective layer to help seal in natural oils and moisture. | Glycerine for skin helps cells reach full maturation and prevents early shedding associated with skin disorders like psoriasis. Allantoin is a natural, plant-derived cosmetic ingredient to soften and smooth skin. | Made without mineral oils, parabens, petroleum and cheap fillers. Glysolid does not contain perfumes, coloring or preservatives so it works well with all skin types. | Produced in Southern Germany near the ridge of the Alps, Glysolid has been a favorite skin care product in Europe for over 70 years.









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