Haakaa Baby Toothbrush Teether 360° Silicone Massage Teether, 1pc (Blue)

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Haakaa 360°baby toothbrush gives baby's oral healthy and clean guard. To train baby to learn brushing and do it alone. Haakaa Silicone Baby Toothbrush is Suitable for infants aged 6months+ or with little to no teeth. | Made of Food Grade Silicone. BPA, PVC and Phthalate free. Feel free to use for baby's oral environment. The main toothbrush body cannot be disassembled which prevents baby from eating parts by accident. | Particular around bristles can clean baby's first teeth, gums and massage his tongue which total care the whole mouth and clean more plaque. The silicone bristles are short but soft. Blunt toothbrush head protects baby's oral environment which avoids scratching. | Additional safety shield can adjust the position based on demand by child. Set the barrier for brush training. Sure that baby has a safe and satisfying tooth-brushing experience. | The small suction base is to let baby toothbrush stand upright when not in use. To avoid taking any dirt from the desk or wall. The short handle is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom for easy grab. Let baby enjoy brush teeth himself and be encouraged. Please noted that if any damage/crack of your package or product during transportation, you could feel free to contact us. We would settle the issue with you amicably.

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