Hair Extensions Kit:I-tip Hair Pliers, Micro Pulling Needle, Loop Threader and 200pcs Micro Silicone RingsBlack)

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How to Use: Step 1: Simply thread the micro ring onto the threading hook. Step 2: Take a strand of your own hair and slide the micro ring onto your own hair strand by hooking it into the threading hook. Then slide the micro ring onto your own hair. Step 3: Take the extension and slide the I-Tip bond into the ring from the bottom. Step 4: Clamp the ring shut with the closing / opening tool! Step 5: Do several rows on back of head and the sides of head. Step 6: Cut and style extensions.


The color of the rings: black | The size of the rings:5.0x3.0x3.0 cm | The rings are with silicone inside, the quantity is 200 pcs | The 2 needles are wooden handle, one is hook needle and the other is pulling needle | For one bid , you will get 1 piece I tip pliers + 1 pulling needle +1 hook needle +200 pcs silicone rings



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