Hair Straightener Brush Ceramic Heating,Beard Straightener Comb,6 Temperature Control,Anti-Scald,Frizz-Free,30s Fast Heat Up, Auto Off,360 Swivel Cord, Portable Hair Straightening Comb,For Men & Women

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A straightening hairbrush is one of those beauty tools that make us raise one perfectly arched brow in suspicion.

Wokaar hair/beard straightener comb suitable for men and women.

How to use/p>

Step 1: Brush through your hair

Ensure your hair is completely dry, brush your hair making sure it's tangle and knot-free.

Step 2turn on the straightening hairbrush and wait for 30 second to heat up

Step 3ork in sections

Section off the top of your hair and pin away. We will start working through the bottom layer.

Step 4rush slowly from root to tip

Once the hot brush has heated up, start brushing slowly from root to tip until your hair is as straight as you would like it to be

Step 5inish with the top section

Repeat the steps on the last section. To make the look last longer, you can add a gloss spritz and fix with hair spray.


NO MORE MESSY HAIR:No need to worry when you wake up in the morning your hair/beard are going like million different directions.This straightening iron brush will leave your hair a result of smooth,sleek blown-out finish. | FAST HEAT UP IN 30 SECOND:The hair straightening comb can heats up in 30 second from 320?(160?)to 410?( 210?). It has ceramic iron teeth bristles that will glide through your hair without causing frizz or damaged.You will be left with shiny hair that has almost zero flyaways. | 6 TEMPERATURE CONTROL:The beard straightener/hair straightener brush comb can hears up from 320?(160?) to 410?( 210?). The brush straightener distributes a consistent amount of heat through your hair to easily straighten waves without any folds. | SAFT & ANTI SCALD:This hair straightening brush keep your safe as always. It features a V shaped iron teeth plastic frame design will protect you from every angle.However,you can still feel the hot please try not to directly touch it when operating. Also, the straightening brush will auto turn off in 30 miuntes if no use. | 2 IN 1 HAIR/BEARD STRAIGHTENER BRUSH:You can use this men/women hair straightener ceramic easily to straighten your hair/beard. Even thick and coiled can be straightened with this brush, as long as you work in small sections. The hair straightening brush swivels 360 degrees so you can straighten at all angles.Before using the hair straightener please make sure your hair is dry and it’s tangle and knot-free.

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