hand2mind Reading Rods, Word Builders, Alphabet and Phonemic Awareness Linking Cubes for Early Reading & Word Work (Set of 82)

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Help students reinforce, practice, and master key literacy skills! get started with reading Rods with this letter and picture set to build Alphabet and phonemic awareness. The color-coding of the Rods provides quick visual cues: red Vowel letters match with pink initial Vowel pictures; Blue consonant letters match light Blue initial consonant pictures. Use with one student or a collaborative pair of students.


Includes 42 blue consonant cubes, 12 red vowel cubes, 1 blank blue cube, 1 blank red cube, 21 light blue picture cubes, and 5 pink picture cubes | Comes with the alphabet in lower and upper case letters | Hands-on learning - develop decoding, word building, and spelling skills with this hands-on literacy tool | Color-coded for easy identification - red vowel letters match with pink initial vowel pictures; blue consonant letters match light blue initial consonant pictures | Great in the classroom - use for whole group demonstrations, such as word of the day, the morning meeting, or a daily message | Supplement skills at home - reading rods are great for early phonemic awareness exposure and practice, games, and fine motor skills | Made from durable plastic - Easy to clean









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