Hardcore Kings Drinking Games - Like Kings Fun Adult Card Game for Party by Whalebacon

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Create a night that you and your friends will never remember with our new twist on a classic drinking game! With 160 cards, no two games are the same and the replay value is endless. Take your game night to a whole new level! Instructions: Rules for each play are on every card: These rules are meant to be broken100% money-back guarantee: If you and your friends don have the time of your life, contact us for a full refund. Hardcore Kings- the card game youl never want to put back in the box.


Drink, strip, belly dance, arm wrestle, and kiss your way to the top: With the right moves, you could be the reigning Friday night champion that will go down in party history— forever. | There are 160 graphic cards with 40 designs (4 of each), for your drinking pleasure: You or your friends will get “Close To Heaven” (or he**) with one of our favorites — the belly button shot card. Let’s hope the person to your left isn’t “that” hairy. | Hardcore Kings is the world’s #1 drinking card game that will get you and your friends lit with the “Double Vision,” I’d Tap That,” or the “I’m Gonna Tequil-Ya” cards. | When you draw the coveted “Social” card, every player’s got to pick em’ up, and drink em’ down— that’s the name of that feel-good round. | This drinking card game is for 2 or more players who are 21 and up: More friends equals more wild and crazy fun.







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