Hawwwy 12-piece Hair Bun Maker, Easy & Fast Small Bun Tool Best Sellers Kit Short or Thin Hair Women Girls Kids Toddler Perfect Ballet Sock Accessory Blonde (2 Donuts +2 Magic Snap Roll +4 Spin Pins)

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Hawwwy Brand Magic Bun Maker - MINI PACK BEST SELLERS helps you create the perfect bun in seconds. Use any of these pieces alone and you will create a perfect bun. Use them together to create an extra secure bun. This kit gives you the flexibility to try different methods to find which one works best for your hair. Perfect to cool down on a hot summer day. Perfect hair bun tool for kids. Great for wedding, graduation, prom, ballet, yoga, partying, or everyday use. MAGIC HAIR BUN DIRECTIONS 1. Make a pony tail (though not needed, recommended) 2. Put your hair between middle of the shaping sticks. 3. Wing hair upward toward hair band. 4. Snap the tool into hair bun circle shape. 5. Spread hair around tool to make hair bun. Read more SOCK BUN DIRECTIONS 1. Make a pony tail. 2. Pull hair through sock bun. 3. Tease hair with backward strokes to add texture. 4. Roll sections inward and tuck behind the mesh donut. 5. Repeat with remaining ponytail sections all the way around the donut. 6. Use spin pins if needed to secure bun. Read more SPIN PINS DIRECTIONS 1. Make a pony tail 2. Spin hair in a bun shape. 3. Spin the spin pin clockwise to lock your bun into place. SAME direction as you would for bobby pin. To take out spin pins, simply spin the pin counter-clockwise to release bun. Easy and no need for 10 bobby pins in your hair to do the job of 1 or 2 spin pins!! Read more HAWWWY Let us do the hair-lifting for you. Read more


BEST SELLERS IN ONE KIT We know hair accessories! From the creators of the Magic Hair Bun comes the Magic Hair Bun *Small Bun Edition* This 12-piece set includes best sellers from our brand (2) small blonde donut makers (2) small french twist or magic snap bun makers (4) gold spin pins (4) hair ties. Use any of these pieces alone, you'll already create perfect buns. Use them together to secure bun if need or to simply figure out which one works best for your hair. | DONUT BUNS & SNAP MAGIC HAIR BUNS These let you create perfect buns in seconds, really. Just follow the easy directions and you will be a pro in no time. Tho these do not need additional tools after you're done twisting hair and bun is done, you can always secure buns with our best-selling spin pins. Spin pins will secure your hair, without hurting your head | SPIN PINS Still using old-fashioned bobby pins?! Spiral Bobby Pins are the NEW way to bobby pin your hair. Spin pins are easy to use, comfortable & cute too. Like the name describes, with these bobby pins, you spin them into your hair.-- like a screw! but NO worries, the non-scratch rounded tips will keep your head safe and NO need to 'open up old-fashion bobby pins' with your mouth anymore. Spin pins keeps teeth 100% safe as no teeth is needed for its use :) Use spin pins for messy buns too! | BUN MAKER FOR KIDS The mini version is the perfect bun maker for kids! Perfect for ballet recitals, weddings, or everyday, these bun forms for kids hair will keep hair in place all day long. | BUN MAKER FOR WOMEN Perfect hair donut. Designed for women that don't want an over the top large bun. Easy bun hair is seconds. Also good for women with thin hair as it's less hair to cover around the bun shaper tool. Use the bun maker as an updo or do half up-half-down styles. 🚨PLEASE watch our video tutorials, we have 3 of them PLUS a what you get video which shows exactly what's in the pack. If you need further instructions PLEASE reach out and we will be happy to help! 🚨





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