Haxtec Dragon Dice Bag Drawstring Leather DND Dice Pouch Storage Bag for D&D Dices, Coins and Accessories (Purple Eye)

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Haxtec DT02 dice bag is designed as a multi-purpose portable leather pouch that can be used for storaging dices and accessories easily. It is made with quality PU leather with an innovation red dragon eye on the front. Ready to be the envy in your next game sessionTime to pick up this unique dragon eye dice bag for your precious dices and game accessories. Specification: Size:3.93x5.5" Material: PU leather, Nylon Color: Black with purple dragon eyes Usage Scenario: Storage bag for dice for RPG table games and board games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Shadowrun, Pathfinder, Savage World, Warhammer, Yahtzee and many other dice and card games. Package Includes: 1x Dice Bag (Dices not included, for display only). Warranty 100% customer happy warranty. Please contact us for replacement if a defective item is received. No question asked.


DRAGON DICE BAG- Hand made DND dice bag inspired by Game of Thrones. Made with artificial leather and drawstring. Cool vivid 3-d dragon eye design on the front. | SIZE- WISE-3.93x5.5". Palm size that can hold about 3-6 sets of you normal 7PCS Dices. Just right for daily game need or dice appreciation | MULTI-PURPOSE- This d&d dice bag has a esily to use elastic snap in drawstring. Just simple snaps, you can storage dices, keys, coins, pokers, dominos, jewelry or any small things that need to be stored or carried around. | EYE-CATCHING LOOK- Eye catching and attractive dragon eye on the front is sure to make you then envy of your next, next and next game party! You are here because of this eye element, right? LOL | GREAT GIFT IDEA- A perfect gift choice for gamer friends. RPG gamers are easily dragon fans as it is a symbol of power and might that gamers awlays want. This bag uses HD 3-D dragon eye and dragon skin like artificial crocodile skin leather. Very vivid look.







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