Heather the Husky 20" Jumbo Squishmallow from Justice - Kids Stuffed Animal Plush Pillow - Dog Body Pillow for Hugging, Sleeping, Office, Decoration, and Travel

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THE SOFTEST PLUSH PILLOW EVER - This squishy stuffed animal pillow is filled with ultra-soft plush and strong seams so you can hug and squish this plushie all day and all night without breaking. - To make your hugging experience more comfortable and fun, this plush pillow has a smooth fabric that feels like butter. It's like hugging a small cloud or a 20-inch marshmallow. A SIMPLE PLUSH PILLOW WITH A LOT OF USES - This plush pillow animal can be used in a lot of ways. This animal pillow can be used as a head pillow for nap times, a plush toy for playtime, a cuddle pillow for movie time, a hug pillow when you are sleeping, and so much more. - When not in use, this cute hugging pillow can be placed on your bed, couch, office, car, or a baby crib, and it will look good as a decoration in any room. A BEST FRIEND YOU CAN COUNT ON - Heather the Husky can be your best friend anytime as she can provide you warmth, support, and comfort. - When you feel alone and sad, or when it is raining and cold outside, you can always hug Heather the Husky as she will comfort you through the night. Her cuteness and softness can help you cheer up and brighten your day. In need of a special companion that you can hug all dayMeet Heather the Husky from Squishmallows. This jumbo plush pillow measures 20 inches, the perfect size for cuddling. It is filled with a high-quality plush that is soft and squishy so that every hug feels like hugging a marshmallow. Heather the Husky can do a lot of things, such as a head pillow for your afternoon naps, a travel pillow for your long road trips, pillow support to reduce body pain, and a lot more. This stuffed animal plush pillow is suitable for all ages, including toddlers, kids, teens, and adults. Just like a loyal dog, this cute plush pillow can be your loyal companion and can be there for you in times of need and sadness. Let Heather the Husky give you happiness and comfort today.


SOFT AS A MARSHMALLOW - This cute husky pillow is soft as a cloud and smooth as a marshmallow just like the other Squishmallows in the collection. This plush pillow is filled with ultra soft plush and smooth exterior finish to make cuddling more comfortable. | LOTS OF WAYS TO USE - This stuffed animal pillow of 20 inches of extra love can be used in a lot of ways. You can use it as a head pillow for naps, a hug pillow for sleeping, a plush toy for playtime, a snuggle pillow while watching a movie, or body support that you can lay on while reading. | PERFECT FOR DOG LOVERS - This husky stuffed animal pillow is perfect for dog lovers. Whether you are a kid, teen, or an adult, you will surely love Heather the Husky. | BRING IT WITH YOU ANYWHERE - Take Heather the Husky with you anywhere you go so whenever you need her, she will always be there for you. You can take her to your bed, couch, chair, office, car, baby crib, or playroom. | LOYAL COMPANION - Just like a real dog, this animal pillow will never leave and will always be there for you when in need of support. Heather the Husky will support, give you warmth, and comfort you.

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