Hebayy Magnetic Alphabet ABC Flash Cards with Large Uppercase and Lowercase Letters 5.5" x 3.5" (52 PCs)

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Hebayy is an experienced teaching aids producer and aiming to provide the best quality and user experience. With this Magnetic Alphabet Flash Cards Set you got: Exactly what your needs: for basic alphabet learning. This compact set comes with 52 cards (5.5"x 3.5") that covers all A TO Z and a to z. Kids could learn all uppercase and lowercase letters in a row. Knowledge and Health: Not only the academic practicality should be considered in the design process of a teaching aids, but also the user's health is a superb factor. These flash cards are laminated with premium PET erasable film, easy to clean Smart Design: Cards feature safety use round corner and printed with bright color. Color tagged cards provide kids perfect tips to find the correlation of a capital character and the lowercase one. Easy to Use: The magnetic panel will stick to any magnetic surface like blackboard and fridge. Perfect for your demonstration needs. Recommended By: Teachers, Parents, Home schoolers to makes Rapid and ease demonstration. A help hand to master alphabet. Compact design and clear letters, perfect for self-study and group learning.


Smart Design: Total 52 cards make it 26 pairs for kids to master basic alphabet. Each pair of alphabet shows in capital and lowercase are color tagged so kids could easily find their correlation by following these tips. Enlarged letters for better recognition. | Premium Quality: Backed with thickened magnets, front laminated with premium PET film, easy wipe-off and no stain guarantee. Each card measures 5.5” X 3.5”. | Sanitary Care: Printed with premium non-toxic high gloss ink with anti-scratch technology. | Easy to use: The strong magnets will hold your cards tight on any magnetic surface like fridge or blackboard, a demonstration can be easily held by this feature. You could also spell simple words with one or more pack of these. | Upgraded Version: Comments have been solicited from many users like “Teachers, Parents, Home schoolers” to apply on this magnetic alphabet flash cards. Highly recommended.









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