Hot Stop Style Primer, 6.5 oz - Regis DESIGNLINE - Heat Styling Protectant Spray Enhances Styling Results

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About the Hot Stop Style Primer

The Regis DESIGNLINE Hot Stop Style Primer is the ideal heat styling primer for people of all hair types and styles. The ultra-light styling spray prepares your hair to enhance the results of your heat styling. The heat styling primer spray protects your hair from the damaging effects of heat styling. This means you can confidently style your hair without having to worry about dry, damaging, or burning it. Treat your hair the same way that the professionals do, and go with DESIGNLINE.


Lightly mist on damp hair before blow-drying or diffusing. Apply to dry hair as prep for curling or flat ironing.

About DESIGNLINE by Regis Corp

DESIGNLINE is a comprehensive line of professional haircare products created by Regis Corporation, a leader in the haircare industry. We wanted to bring our expert industry knowledge and passion for your style together to create a range of shampoos and conditioners, styling and finishing products that you can tailor to your needs.

At Regis Salons, we're dedicated to bringing you the best in hair care. Alongside our other much-loved brands, we're bringing back our own line of expert styling and hair care products, DESIGNLINE. Our professional range of DESIGNLINE shampoos and conditioners will leave your hair looking and feeling great. It also features a variety of highly effective and color-safe styling and finishing products for all hair types.


ENHANCE YOUR STYLING - This anti-frizz primer enhances the results of your heat styling. Simply apply to the hair before you style it and view the results. | PROTECTS AGAINST HEAT - With the Hot Stop Style Primer by DESIGNLINE, you no longer have to worry about dry, damaged, or burnt hair from heat styling. The heat protector primer offer thermal protection so you can style hair without worries. | PERFECT FOR HEAT STYLING - The Hot Stop Style Primer works great for curling, flat ironing, or blow drying. With this hair primer, styling can be a task of ease. | SIMPLE TO APPLY - Easily apply the style primer by lightly misting it on damp hair before blow-drying or diffusing. It also can be applied to dry hair as prep for curling or flat ironing. | DESIGNED BY STYLISTS - Regis DESIGNLINE products are developed by stylists, used by stylists, and recommended by stylists. DESIGNLINE products are made with high-quality ingredients that your hair needs.

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