Hot Wheels Star Wars Toy Vehicle

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Two of the most iconic brands in adventure Hot Wheels and Star Wars have formed an alliance! Fans will love collecting and re-creating some of the galaxy's most epic battles and fiercest showdowns with this highly detailed die-cast replica of a Resistance X-wing Fighter from the Star Wars saga. Collectors and Star Wars aficionados will love the attention to detail. The Resistance T-70 X-wing Fighter is an upgrade from the T-65S of the previous generation. These ships have the speed and maneuverability to engage TIE Fighters in dogfights and the power to take down Capital ships. This highly detailed Hot Wheels Elite X-wing Fighter features a rotating BB-8, opening wings and cockpit that opens with details of Poe Dameron inside, a flight stand and removable landing gear.


The power of the legendary Star Wars X-wing Fighter is in your hands with this Hot Wheels Elite die-cast vehicle, perfect for any Star Wars fan! | This iconic starfighter vehicle has played a role in some of the greatest battles in the galaxy! | Features include a detailed pilot (Poe Dameron) in the cockpit, opening wings, rotating BB-8, flight stand and removable landing gear | The landing gear is removable with a magnet-powered attachment and the removable landing gear cover panels have a magnet-powered attachment, too | Can be displayed three ways: resting on landing gear, on display stand, or with display stand notch covered









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