Household, Travel Portable Disposable Plastic Curved Hook Toothpicks, Teeth Cleaning Tool, Anti-slip Handle Design (200 Pcs)

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1. Hooked safety tip protects gums. 2. Plastic (food-grade) flexible stem maneuvers easily around molars. 3. Oral care Hygienic polyethylene plastic toothpicks. 4. Scored edge removes plaque between teeth. 5. Triangular shaped tip fits comfortably between gaps in teeth. 6. Healthy gums and teeth Plastic Materials, Keep away from flames. Materials: food graded PP, NEW & NON-toxic and NO recycle materials used. Certificate: FDA approval. Material: Plastic Toothpick length: 2.16" x 0.11" / 5.5 x 0.3cm Package Includes: 200pcs disposable plastic angled toothpicks with a hook


Ideal clean tool to use for picking up scraps to clean teeth anti-slip handle design, more convenient to use. | Safely remove plaque and food debris from gums and between teeth, stimulate gum to promote periodontal health. | Tapered safety tips are thin and flexible, yet durable Designed to fit between teeth, around braces and dental work Made of durable plastic (like toothbrush bristles), our splinter proof tips resist breaking or separation. | Effectively remover tartar and plaque, keeps teeth cleaning. Help improve the oral hygiene of infdividuals, orthodontic, prevent cavities and periodontitis. | A uniquely designed angled hook easier to get in to places even far behind where difficult to reach. They're made from hygienic flexible polypropylene, so won't break like the wooden versions. Keep it in handy in your purse or hand bag!





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