HSETIY Super Slime Kit Supplies-12 Crystal Clear Slimes 54 Pack Glitter Sheet Jars, 3 Jelly Cubes, 4 Pcs Fruit Slices, 16 Pcs Animals Beads, Foam Balls5 Slime Containers DIY Art Crafts

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Amazing biggest slime set-12 crystal clear slime with 54 packs glitter sheet jars, 3 jelly cubes, 4 pcs fruit slices, 16 Pcs animals beads, foam balls, 5 slime container with gift box | kid friendly and safe to use - the squishy, gooey slime is made of eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic, and safe to use.All components in the slime kit are safe and nontoxic, however nothing should ever be consumed. We recommend adult supervision. | develop hand-eye coordination - Through visual playing, children can exercise their hands, improve motor skills, develop hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, and teach kids to be more creative using their imagination | Great for all occasions - our do it yourself slime kit is perfect for educational experiments, birthday parties, classroom projects and arts & crafts. | Have any questions, please contact us any time.Our team is dedicated to producing high quality products that meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.





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