Imagination Generation Wooden Abacus Classic Counting Tool, Counting Frame Educational Toy with 100 Colorful Beads

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Just How Old is the AbacusWith its invention dating back to 2,700 BC, it's older than numbers! Originally used by ancient merchants as a calculator, these days an abacus makes a great visual, hands-on way to explore early counting and arithmetic concepts. Our abacus makes a great classroom and home tool for learning mathematics. Watch as your child explores the various colors, patterns, and numbers. Starting your child early with mathematics brings familiarity with difficult concepts, and jumpstarts their journey to arithmetic education. This abacus is made from natural cuts of wood and decorated with water-based, safe paints. Why You'll Love It: The abacus has been a proven counting tool for generations and will continue to be used for many years to come. Our abacus brings a splash of vibrant color to each row and easy to use functionality for toddlers and school children alike. This abacus is more fun than pen and paper or calculators, and helps connect the dots more with visual reinforcement.


THE CLASSIC COUNTING TOOL: Professor Poplar's classic wooden abacus, with 10 rows of 10 vibrantly-colored beads! 18+ Months | MANY WAYS TO LEARN: Practice counting, colors, and numbers including: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division | EASY GLIDING BEADS: The beads smoothly slide and glide back and forth on each line, easy to spin and grip for little fingers | EARLY DEVELOPMENT: Improves fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and imaginative play | NATURAL MATERIALS: Made from natural cuts of wood and decorated with water-based, safe paints









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