Iorgani Extra Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair

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Enjoy the Unbleached, Chemical free, Luxurious, Antibacterial, Ultra Rich Coconut Oil by Iorgani. For gentlest of skin and hair that needs nourishment and conditioning, this virgin coconut oil for hair is a perfect beauty system that's gentle, calming and healing. The mild delicious tropical aroma therapy helps energize and invigorate the senses. Much higher quality than Trader Joes.

All Around Some Popular Uses are Moisturizing and Hydration lotion for rough elbows and knees, Cleansing oil, Eye make up remover, Sunscreen Scalp Conditioner, Oil Pulling, Bath and Wash Oil, Shaving and Razor Burn, After Shave lotion, Mens Scalp and Beard Conditioning, Body butter, Deodorant, Face Cream, Body Massage oil, Lip balm, Hand, Foot and Cuticle Cream, Skin and hair masks, Homemade Scrubs, Hair oil, Pre-shampoo conditioner, Tanning oil, After sun care, Baby oil, Hair treatment oil or as a Carrier oil. So go ahead and enjoy the numerous coconut oil benefits and its health promotion properties as part of your natural beauty routine. Keep it close to your bed.

Stay away from unknown ingredients that could cause cancer.This is Extra Virgin, Organic and Unrefined, recommended by Dermatologist and Md. It naturally melts and becomes liquid at 76 degrees F and returns to solid, when for instance cooled in the fridge.

Please note that the lid of this 16 oz jar also has an inner seal that helps prevent leakage. So if you find it difficult to open, tap on all sides of the lid gently with a spoon and then it will open easily. Ps. This Wet Milled, Unrefined and straight from True Nature, Organic Coconut Oil is So Pure you can even Eat It,. You will even find little particles of the coconut flesh that will only help massage your skin and hair when you use it. You Are Going To Love It and The Manufacturer Guarantees it 100 percent or your money back. Life Time Guarantee. Let your beauty shine with just one ingredient, this Premium Coconut Oil.


RENEW YOUR LIFE FROM HEAD TO TOE; our top grade USDA organic coconut oil will change the look and feel of your skin, hair, scalp and nails; this coconut oil for hair and skin is made especially as a nourishing beauty oil, for beautiful, smooth, supple and radiant skin and for thicker, fuller and shiny straight or curly hair | STRENGTHENING AND DEEPLY CONDITIONS; the MCTs in our oil nourish and strengthen your hair, leaving it shiny and lustrous; very effective for people who have extremely dry damaged hair, itchy scalp, flakes and dandruff; no more embarrassing moments of white flakes on your black or dark colored clothes, boost your personal confidence and self esteem with shiny, silk locks | REPAIR, REJUVENATES AND MOISTURIZES; this moisturizer or moisturizing oil heals, conditions and hydrates dry, cracked and parched skin; your fine, sensitive facial skin will glow as our cold-pressed oil penetrates deeper than and softens not just the surface, but also the deep layers below; your skin will look and feel happier and healthier | PURE EXTRA VIRGIN OILS FOR MOISTURE AND HEALTH; This safe and soothing, anti fungal, raw unrefined coconut oil is not bleached or deodorized and is free from additives and chemicals; it is good to use either way in solid or liquid form; try it today and experience the full benefits of this natural hydrating wonder healer; look and feel your best everyday | TOP RATED AND GUARANTEED TO PERFORM; everybody deserves to be beautiful and healthy and we at iOrgani stand behind our quality products 100%; we are real people who use our own products daily; we expect the best for our family and want the same for yours because we care









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