Island Pride Carbolic Soap (3 Pack)

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Red Carbolic soap is a mild disinfectant soap containing carbolic acid, a natural compound extracted from coal tar.Once widely available in the United States and the most common disinfectant cleaner used in hospitals, real carbolic soap has all but disappeared from stores.Remembered by many older Americans as the household soap of their childhood, real carbolic soap is often sought after by many simply for its nostalgic natural scent. By killing bacteria it acts as a mild deoderant when used as a body soap. Many people report it is great for clearing up acne.I personally love this soap and have been using it for years. Almost every bar soap available today in the stores smells to me like a perfumed girlie soap. Tough on germs and grime, some folks say carbolic soap has a rugged, leathery scent, while others think it has more of a medicated fragrance. Either way, it sure smells clean!Over the years, folks have reported many other uses for real carbolic soap besides bathing: Many people report that bathing with carbolic soap will help repel mosquitos and other biting insects. Missionaries and travelers to remote jungle areas have reported taking with them a large supply of carbolic soap for just this reason. Personally, I dissolve carbolic soap shavings in rubbing alcohol and use it on exposed skin as an insect repellent while outdoors, with excellent results! Others report that dissolving carbolic soap shavings in hot water and spraying the solution on the lawn will help get rid of root eating grubs. Hanging bars of carbolic soap from fruit trees or placing at intervals around vegetable gardens is reported to discourage rabbits, deer, and other pesky varmints. Makes a great soap for washing or pre-treating your laundry. Bathing your pets with carbolic soap is reported to help repel fleas and other biting insects.Each


Carbolic soap is a mildly antiseptic soap | Killing bacteria and also acts as a mild deodorant when used as a body soap | Carbolic soap kills germs on contact while keeping you smelling clean and fresh



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