J.L. Childress Booster Go-Go Travel Bag for Backless Seats, Chevron

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Use this handy, compact bag to protect and carry your child's backless booster car seat, compact travel stroller, baby seat, infant positioner, or booster seat when on the go. The Booster Go-Go Travel Bag features a unique back panel that securely attaches around luggage handles with the aid of a Velcro strip, making it perfect for use on top of luggage when in airports or cruise terminals. Note this is not for airline baggage or gate check. The bold chevron pattern makes it easy to spot when traveling, and the extra long straps make the bag convenient for carrying over your shoulder. As a bonus, the bag can also be used as a storage bag, beach bag, toy bag or shopping bag. The Booster Go-Go Travel Bag protects a child's booster seat or compact travel stroller from dirt and germs and is easy to wipe clean. Not recommended for airline baggage check. Fits QB Pocket and Babyzen Yoyo strollers.


Protect and easily carry backless booster car seats, GB Pocket and Baby Zen Yoyo strollers, baby seats, infant positioners or booster seats | The bag is designed as a carry-bag, not as an airline baggage or gate check bag | NEW Stylish grey and white chevron material and LARGER size | Extra-long shoulder straps for comfortable carrying. Back panel with Velcro securely attached around luggage handles | Compact, convenient and made of easy-to-clean polyester









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