Jacent Deep Cleaning Sea Foam Bath and Body Sponge, 1-Pack

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Taking a shower or bath is about more than just getting clean. The fragrance and feel of your favorite body wash has a way of comforting you, helping to wash away the sweat and stress from the day and prepare for anything. Your skin needs more than just the right body wash though. You want to wash off all the excess sweat and dirt gently to provide you with a fresh glow and softness that helps you to feel confident in whatever you wear after. Use this artificial sea sponge to clean away the oil and grease and dirt from your skin, revealing your true, delicate skin underneath. Designed to be gentle on every skin type, these bathtub accessories still achieve washing away anything on your skin.


GENTLE CLEANSING: Ideal for use as an exfoliating body sponge, soft and soothing texture with gentle cleansing and buffing to remove dead cells | EXTRA ABSORBENT: Highly absorbent artificial sea foam bath sponge that retains maximum lather for refreshing bath or shower | LONG-LASTING: With gentle use, the premium construction makes this sponge ideal for men, women, and children | LUXURIOUS: Get the feel of a lavish natural sponge bath after every use | HANG TO DRY: Using the included rope and suction cup (not included), hang this sponge anywhere in your bathtub, letting it drip excess moisture into the tub to avoid a mess





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