JUARA - Candlenut Body Cream - JUARA Candlenut Body Creme Body Lotion - Paraben-Free JUARA Candlenut Body Cream for Rough, Dry Skin 7.5 oz.

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JUARA is where herbal tradition meets botanical science. Inspired by JAMU, the herbal healing tradition of Indonesia, JUARA combines ancient beauty rituals and herbal medicinal practices with the best of modern science to create a luxurious and indulgent problem-solution range of skincare and beauty products. Our mission is to provide safe and effective solutions to enhance your skin's natural beauty. We are committed to offering products that are safe and gentle for even the most sensitive skin to restore and enhance skin's youthfulness with proven, visible results. The JUARA candlenut body lotion is like Bali in a jar, a rich and luxurious body cream that smooths, softens, and hydrates skin. Candlenut oil has been coveted for centuries in Indonesia for its light, velvety feel and its high content of skin-nourishing essential fatty acids, and along with our powerhouse blend of other hydrating ingredients, this JUARA candlenut creme helps improve your skin's youthful elasticity while working to soothe, smooth, and keep skin supple and softly scented for hours. This JUARA candlenut cream is easy to apply: use daily for maximum benefits, and apply the candlenut lotion generously on cleansed skin any time your skin feels dry, taut, or stressed. The JUARA candlenut lotion is for you if you want to immediately hydrate and nourish dry, rough skin with an all-over body moisturizer that absorbs quickly and does not feel greasy or sticky like body butters. Enjoy a soft, non-perfumy scent on your smooth, hydrated skin with JUARA.


BALI IN A JAR – This luxurious candlenut body creme can smooth and soften your skin. The indulgent formula features a powerhouse blend that hydrates your skin and improves its youthful elasticity while keeping it soothed and softly scented for hours. | SOOTHING INGREDIENTS – This candlenut body lotion stands out because of its herbal healing ingredients, including candlenut oil, illipe butter, rice bran oil, and avocado oil. Enjoy this deeply hydrating and nourishing formula for your skin. | FOR DRY SKIN – The JUARA candlenut body creme is for anyone who wants to immediately hydrate and nourish rough, dry skin. Try a body cream that hydrates like body butter but is less heavy and less greasy. | EASY APPLICATION – Use this body creme daily for maximum benefits. Apply the candlenut lotion generously on cleansed skin any time your skin feels dry, taut, or stressed for a smooth, velvety finish on skin that is now soft and supple. | JUARA SKINCARE – JUARA is where herbal medicine meets botanical science. Combining ancient beauty rituals with modern science, JUARA provides safe and effective solutions to enhance your skin’s natural beauty. Enjoy your skin with JUARA.









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