Jumbo 8-Inch Transparent Blue Glitter Easter Egg - The Perfect Size for Holding Toys, Candy Bars, and Stuffed Animals - Easy to Open, Tough to Break - Great As Party Favors and Easter Basket Stuffers

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Looking to add a creative twist to your Easter decorations or make the annual egg hunt a little more funThis jumbo 8-inch yellow Easter Egg is sure to be a hit at any celebration! Get the kids excited by stuffing it full of toys, candies, and other Easter treats, or simply use it to add a touch of springtime whimsy to your home decor! Each purchase includes one 8-Inch Glittered Egg in yellow.

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GLITTERING EASTER EGGS HAVE PLENTY OF SPACE FOR TOYS AND TREATS: Make this Easter the best ever with these fillable, 8-inch glitter Easter Eggs! They're perfect for Easter Egg Hunts and as Easter Basket stuffers. Iridescent yellow add a touch of springtime to any celebration, and their translucent exterior makes it easy to spot the tempting treats inside! | EASY FOR EVERYONE TO OPEN, CLOSE, AND ENJOY: Don't watch your kids struggle to get to their toys and treats! A foolproof, kid-friendly hinge design is easy for little hands to pry apart but tough enough to last through multiple egg hunts! | UNLIKE CHEAP COMPETITORS, THESE EGGS WON'T FALL APART: Tired Easter Egg Hunts that end with broken eggs and kids' toys scattered across the yard? With a tight snap closure and durable plastic construction, these Easter eggs store your treasures safely inside! | USE THEM AGAIN FOR DECORATION AND SPECIAL OCCASIONS: Our high-quality Easter eggs are built to last! Use them again to decorate flower arrangements or table settings, store your favorite toys and candies year-round, or hand out as kids party favors! | BE SURE TO GRAB YOURS BEFORE THEY RUN OUT: We do our best to keep a full stock of these fun filled Easter Eggs, but we cannot guarantee that they will be fully stocked.









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