JYfeel Travel Hair Curling Iron Mini Hair Straightener and Curler,1 Inch Ceramic Dual Voltage Flat Iron, 2 in 1 Hair Curling Wands,with Heat Resistant Bag,Glove and 2 Clips

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One Button to Straight/Curl
LOCK the Plate to Curl Your Hair/UNLOCK the Plate to Straighten Your Hair
Please note that there is a plate lock on the handle:

traighten your hair: hold the two plates and push the lock to the unlocked position.
url your hair: hold the two plates and push the lock to the locked position.


Plug in the styler and slide the switch to "on" to turn it on.

re-heat your 2 in 1 Flat Curling Iron. It will take approximately 1 minute for the JYfeel device to be ready to use after turning it on.

ection hair into strands of approximately one inch thick and two inches wide.

pply the device to the hair roots and slide it right to the end of the hair, repeat this process several times before rolling.

How to Curl Your Hair/p>

1.    Turn off the plates lock switch.
2.    Open the clamp and place the middle of a section of hair between the clamp and the wand, then wrap the lock around the wand and close the clip. or Close the clamp and rotate the wand to wrap the hair.
3.    Hold for around 10 seconds depending on the thickness of the section of hair.
4.    Carefully release the flat curling iron by turning in the reverse direction avoiding any stretching of the hair.

ow to Straighten Your Hairbr>1.    Turn on the plates lock switch.
2.    Separate your hair into several sections. The number of sections will depend on the thickness of your hair. The key is to make sections one to two inches thick so that they can easily pass through the straightener.
3.    Clamp the iron down as close to the scalp as possible without burning yourself. Holding the hair taut from the end, slowly pull the iron down the length of hair.
4.    Repeat it several times


1.Easy to Straight/Curl Your Hair:this travel 2 in 1 Hair Curling Iron combines straightening and curling function.Allow you get perfect straight hair or wanted curl hair easily | Creative Integrative Rose Gold-Plated ceramic plates for great results.specially designed 1 inch curling iron with advanced PTC heater & Ceramic Heating Plate, Giving your hair optimum heat at short time,keep hair smooth and give it that beautiful silky finish, keep your hair all day long. | Easy to Use:Only one button to switch straight/curl,Straight, Curls, or Waves!change your hair style whenever you want. This unique 2 in 1 straightener and curling iron gives you easy styling options. easy to handle with Lighgweight and Ergonomic designed. 360°swivel long cord. | Great for Travel:100-240V Worldwide Universal Dual Vlotage,the Travel Curling Iron will change to local voltage automatically.good for traveling in any countries.Pro Heat Resistant Pouch allows you store the curling hair straightener even when the tool is still very hot.the ALL-IN-ONE set also includes a glove and 2's an ideal companion on your journey.this travel curling iron 1 inch is also great for home use. | ?Please note when using this mini curling iron abroad, the voltage switches automatically. An adapter for the plug (not a transformer) will still be required for it to fit in the local power outlet. This travel curling iron works with 100-240v.









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