Karma Rub Liquid Magnesium - Australian 100% Natural Magnesium Chloride and Sulfate Solution with Trace Minerals - Relief for Muscle, Joint and Nerve Pain - Helps Tension and Stress - 100ml - 3.3oz

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Looking for a natural way of quickly relieving all sorts of body aches and pains/b>

Spending the time at the gym, playing sports or sitting in front of the computer for the whole day can give you an aching back, sore muscles, and painful joints. Taking over-the-counter pain relievers is not always the best option, as they can cause side effects.

Topical pain relief oils can be a good choice. Unfortunately, some of these contain artificial chemicals that can cause allergies or leave your skin feeling greasy. What you want is a pain-relieving solution that is approved by Mother Nature herself.

Free yourself from aching joints and muscles with the Karma Rub Liquid Magnesium.

This liquid magnesium is sourced from a natural well in Australia, which is rich in Bischofite minerals. It is also rich in health-promoting trace elements such as zinc, iron, copper, and calcium. The solution is infused with lemon myrtle oil to give it a fresh and pleasant scent.

Karma Rub is absorbed by the skin in as little as 5 minutes. For best absorption, leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes. Just wipe off any residue with a moist cloth.

This bioavailable liquid magnesium can help improve blood flow, boost energy levels, and speed up the recovery of muscles, especially after a long day of exercise. Experience a more relaxing bath experience by adding a few drops of this solution to your bathtub water.

Need more time to make a decisionCheck out more features of our liquid magnesium right here:
Won't leave stains on your skin or clothes
Non-toxic, safe to be used by children
Can help reduce feelings of stress and tension

Live each day without muscle aches, stress, or tension. Add the Karma Rub Liquid Magnesium to your cart NOW!


EASE PAINFUL MUSCLES & JOINTS - Spent the whole day exercising in the gym? Massage Karma Rub on your aching joints and sore muscles for lasting relief. | WARD OFF STRESS & TENSION - Want to clear your head of stress and negative thoughts? Apply a small amount of liquid magnesium to your forehead and neck. Gently massage to help soothe stress away. | EASY TO APPLY - Spread over your skin where needed. Let it soak for 10 minutes and wipe clean with a moist cloth. 4 drops of this solution is enough to cover both hands, a foot, or your lower back. | 100% SAFE INGREDIENTS - Karma Rub does not contain any artificial chemicals, additives, scents, or preservatives that can cause redness, itching, or rashes on your skin. | NATURALLY SOURCED - Karma Rub is sourced from our farm land's underground aqueducts and is bottled on the spot without being processed, heated, chilled, or chemically treated in any way.



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