Kicko 3.5 Inch Wind-Up Fishing Game - Whirling Fishing Game - 12 Pack of Twisting Fishing Play, Party Favors, Birthday Present, Ideas, Indoor and Outdoor Sport

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Kids would love to play these with some other buddies. That is why put 8 fishes to get by the children in a fun way and exciting game. It can be used or play indoor or outdoor pastime. It can attest their concentration in catching the fish thoroughly without missing one. It measures their patient in failing to get them all if there a time limit to follow. It can be a splendid item to add on to your party bags and not just those boring candies, lollipops or gummy bears but a useful and fun toy.Economical and a budget-friendly gift for your sons or daughters. No need to break your savings. Achieve this great gift idea with these Kicko circulating fishing game.


PICK FISH WHILE SPINNING - Kicko circling fishing is making your kids play for hours to catch all the fish with difficulties. It comes with 4 fishing toy game, with 8 fish and 2 rods. To spin the pond, wind it up. Two players can play, and try to catch fish as many as you can. | A RIOT OF SOMETHING TO PLAY - Grab this exciting toy which made with vibrant colors to make the kids play it enthusiastically. Showing it to them will make them eager to play and be motivated. Each has mind-blowing colors of green, blue, orange and yellow. | EDUCATIONAL TOY TO PLAY - Learning by doing is the benefit of this Kicko whirling fishing venture. They will learn to be patient in catching fish while the pond is turning. It will test their ability to wait and catch carefully to get them all. Surely they will jump for joy. | GREAT PARTY FAVOR - Include this Kicko wheeling catching fish game in your party birthday celebration to make the kids busy in getting the fish in a hard way which can avoid noisily and running little visitors. Everybody will definitely calm and concentrating the plaything. | BUY SAFE AND SECURE ITEMS - We uphold to our quality standards and we assure you a reliable tough merchandise. Each fish, pond, and rod are in good conditions and if there is anything you need that we don’t offer, we go find the best for you.









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