Kid Labsters Geodes Set - Crack Open 6 Rocks & Discover Amazing Crystals Inside - Complete Set of Safety Goggles, Magnifying Glass & 2 Stand for Boys and Girls of All Ages

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You don have to travel to the ends of the Earth to explore the magnificent wonders of geodes. With the Kid Labsters Geodes Set, children can set up and enjoy their own geode- opening projects right in the comfort of their own homes! The kit comes with six geodes, introducing children to the wonderful fields of science and geology. They may look like ordinary rocks, but children can break them open with a hammer (not included) to discover its surprising interior. A pair of safety goggles are included to protect their eyes from any flying sediment. Children will be mystified to see that the uninteresting rock they took out of the package contains a beautiful cluster of breathtaking crystals. And with the included display stands, they will be able to showcase their collection for all to see. Everyone in the family can participate and join the science party. The next rainy day or winter storm youe cooped up indoors, crack open this kit with your children and inspire a love in geology. It a great way to stimulate their thinking and spark their imaginations. Once they see the interior of each geode, they will want to learn all about geodes and natural stones! A great gift for birthdays, holidays and other special occasions, the Kid Labsters Geodes Set is the perfect choice for children who love rocks, science or minerals. Break each geode open, see a close-up of its interior with the included magnifying glass, and display their treasures! If they don already have a rock collection, this is the perfect way to start one.


DISCOVERY AND LEARNING: Any boy or girl will be delighted to break open the six geodes and discover its surprising interior! These are no ordinary rocks. They have crystal formations inside that will captive children of all ages. | CALLING ALL GEOLOGISTS: With this hands-on activity, your child will feel like a real geologist smashing rocks and discovering rare finds. He or she will learn a lesson in geology that will leave a lasting impression. | COMPLETE SET: The Geodes Set comes complete with six geodes, a pair of safety goggles, magnifying glass and two display stands. All you need is a hammer to break them open and let the fun begin. | GREAT GIFT IDEA: This intriguing set makes a great gift for holidays, birthdays and other special occasions for any child who loves rocks and minerals. They can even showcase their treasures with the display stands when they’re through. | PERFECT ACTIVITY: With the Kid Labsters Geodes Set, your children can enjoy their own geode-opening projects right in the comfort of their own homes! Everyone in the whole family can participate and join the party.









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