Kids Soap, Unique, Natural, Safe, Cute Animal Shapes, Fun Bath Time for Children, Boys, Girls, for All Skin Types, Handmade in USA, No Preservatives or Artificial Ingredients 3 Pack (Elephant, Dog, Cat)

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Cute and Fun Homemade Soap for Kids

Keeping kids clean and fresh can be a constant struggle for parents. Make bath time more fun than ever with our adorable soap bars! These little animal soaps are made specifically for children and because they are made from 100% natural ingredients they are suitable for all skin types. Great for Baby Shower Favors, Birthday Party Favors and Cute Gift Ideas for any occasion!

Make Bath Time Fun

One-of-a-kind soaps made with all natural ingredients that are the perfect gift for the young children on your list. Children will be delighted playing with these soaps while getting clean. What makes these animal soaps unique is the 6 cute designs to choose from each is a different shape to pick. Kids can choose a different animal every bath time. Made with all natural and calming ingredients, with NO chemicals or preservatives. This pack includes 3 soaps, Elephant, Cat, Dog shapes. Available in a variety of 3 pack sizes or all 6 animal designs in 1 pack including, 1 Elephant Soap. 1 Cat Soap. 1 Monkey Soap. 1 Penguin Soap. 1 Frog Soap. 1 Dog Soap.


Not completely satisfiedWe'll make it right, no questions asked. All of our products have our 30-day return policy which means you can experience the fun and the benefits of natural soap for kids risk-free. Click the, Add to Cart, button now and see how much more fun, bath time is with our current promotion.


KIDS SOAP, unique, fun bath time for kids. Soaps for children are a great way to get your kids to take and enjoy a bath. These handmade soaps for kids are made with premium ingredients and are perfect for sensitive skin | NOVELTY SOAP, is a thoughtful gift, so be sure to pick your child’s favorite animal shape. These soaps produce a rich, creamy lather leaving the skin clean and soft | KIDS HAND SOAP, are colored, cute shaped and safe for children’s sensitive skin. Looking for something unique and special for kids, holiday stocking stuffers, baby shower favors, kid’s birthday party favors. Adorable bath soaps are available in 6 different animal shapes | KIDS BAR SOAP, this soap box will include 3 soap bars, 100% safe and natural kids bath soaps for all skin types including, 1 Elephant Soap. 1 Cat Soap. 1 Dog Soap. Does not contain any chemicals, preservatives, or any artificial ingredients. Handcrafted in USA | TODDLER SOAP, At Zaaina, your satisfaction is our top priority and all of our products have our 30-day return policy which means you can experience the benefits of fun kid’s novelty soap, completely risk-free. Make bath time fun when they play with their favorite soap





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