Kiinde Twist Active Latch Nipples for Breast Milk - Slow Flow (2 Pack)

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Kiinde (pronounced Kind) is pleased to offer innovative active latch nipples that make it easy for your baby to switch between bottle and breast. The Kiinde Twist system is a perfect baby shower present for new parents since it makes feeding a little one easy. Our system allows you to collect, store, prepare, and feed using a single squeeze pouch. In addition to this 2-pack of slow-flow nipples, you can purchase Kiinde milk bags, bottles, pump adapters, storage shelves, and our bottle warmer. All bottle parts are safe for the top rack of your dishwasher and can be steam-sterilized. Feed your baby directly from Kiinde Twist Pouches using our Twist Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottles and Active Latch Nipples. Since the bag collapses as Baby eats, these expertly designed breast milk storage bags can help eliminate colic and upset tummies. These nipples are designed specifically to ease the transition between bottle and breast. Variations in texture encourage a deep, natural latch, and the oval shape forms an air-tight seal with a babys lips to prevent air ingestion. The squeeze bottle design also eliminates the need to transfer milk from bags to bottles. Simply snap the pouch into the bottle, squeeze the air out, and pop the Twist Active Latch Nipple on top. Kiinde Twist Bottles also make it easy to send your little girl or boy to daycare with all the food they will need. Our leak-proof bottles offer the best alternative to breastfeeding when you can not be with your child and they encourage proper latching activity. Our Twist Pouches make thawing breast milk easy and they travel great. Feeding a baby with pumped breast milk has never been easier. Add this to your baby registry today.


DIRECT & GERM-FREE PUMP-TO-BAG SYSTEM: The Kiinde Breast Milk Storage System allows you to collect, store, prepare, and feed using a single disposable milk bag. You won’t need to worry about contaminating your breast milk supply when you can feed your baby directly from the milk storage bag, by popping an Active Latch Nipple directly onto the Twist Pouch. This kit eliminates the need to pour milk from bottles to bags, and makes cleanup a breeze. | NATURAL NIPPLE DESIGN: Kiinde Active Latch Nipples require suction and massaging to get milk to flow, just like with Mom! They discourage lazy latching and are designed to train newborns for a seamless transition between bottle and breast. They can also help relieve colic. This set includes 2 slow-flow nipples that attach directly to Kiinde Natural Feeding Bottles. | SIMPLIFY FEEDING AND ELIMINATE MILK TRANSFERS: Kiinde Twist Pouches and nipples make it easy to send your little girl or boy to daycare with all the food they’ll need. Our leak-proof milk storage bags offer the best alternative to breastfeeding when you can’t be with your child. Our nipples encourage proper latching in breastfed infants. | DISHWASHER SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN: Active Latch nipples, like all of our bottle parts, are BPA-free, phthalate-free, and are safe for the top rack of your dishwasher. Kiinde nipples are silicone and easy to clean. The only part that needs to be washed between feedings is the nipple which means bottle cleanup has never been easier. Moms, dads, and childcare workers love the simplicity of Kiinde accessories. | USE WITH KIINDE PRODUCTS: Our Active Latch nipples are designed for use with Kiinde Twist Pouches and bottles. Our bags collapse as your baby drinks, eliminating the need for complicated venting mechanisms. No air in the pouch means no air in your baby's meal. Pump milk directly into the bags using our innovative pump attachments and use our Kozii Bottle Warmer to prepare frozen milk for your baby.









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