KINGSDRAGON Magnetic Drawing Board Large Erasable Drawing Doodle Board Toy with Foldable Stand Cute Stamps,Writing Sketching Drawing Doodle Pad for Kids Toddler Boys Girls Birthday Gift

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🎨KingsDragon Magnetic Drawing Board as a useful educational toy is a benefit to kids /toddler at the early learning stage. Kids are born to be a painter.
It is a must-have tool to stimulate kids' curiosity,creativity and imagination, cultivate kids interest in drawing.

KingsDragon magnetic writing board for kids enables your kids drawing,writing,sketching and doodling with ease. Comparing with tradition single-color
drawing pad, our magnetic sketch pad has 4 color zone with large size for kids doodling freely ,with love fruit and vegetable stamps accessories,adding
more fun to the drawing. It provides eco-friendly and recycling way to solve simple math problem,practice the alphabet and simple doodle without any
limitation and no waste of any paper.

🍒Humane Design:
1.Friendly and nontoxic ABS plastic material;
2.Smart Round Edge Design without any sharp corner;
3.Pen is connected with string in case of missing;
4.Wise Carrying Handle is comfortable to grasp and easily is hung up on the wall;
5.Quality Sliding eraser wipe out the doodle quickly;
6.Cute stamps add more fun to the drawing;
7.Foldable Stand enable drawing board sit and stand posture as freely.

🎁What's in the box/b>
1 x magnetic drawing board
1 x grape stamp
1 x strawberry stamp
1 x cabbage stamp
1 x pen


???Foldable Stand?: KingsDragon kids drawing board adds a useful FOLDABLE STAND to make it more convenient for kids to flexibly adjust the drawing pad to stand or sit posture when in need.It is perfect to practice alphabet and solving math problem and more.It is a good idea to be a bulletin board as well to stand up to inform people your news or information. | ???Safety Material? : Our magna doodle for toddlers is made of solid, smell-free and premium ABS plastic material offering a long-lasting durability and performance. With friendly Round Edges Design,NO sharp corner will get hands injured,providing a full protection of your baby’s safety. | ???Upgraded Pen and Sliding Eraser? : Our magnetic doodle board provides a PEN SLOT to fit quality PEN, connected with a string in case of pen getting lost,offering a handy way for a quick access.The smart SLIDING ERASER goes smoothly left to right,to easily wipe out the doodle on the board and quickly start their new drawing. | ?? ?Cute Stamps & Wide Handle? : Fruit and Vegetable Stamps add more fun to the drawing. The erasable sketch doodle pad owns a easy carrying handle that could be hung up on the wall as well.This toddler doodle board measures as 17.5” x 13.4” and the drawing screen size is 9.4” x 6.5”. With 4 color partition panel ?including Yellow, Blue, Green, Red?? colorful board will attract kids’ curiosity and interest in drawing. | ???Hassle-Free Warranty? ?The magnetic drawing doodle board is suitable for kids in 3 years old and up.It is useful educational toy in kid’s early learning stage to cultivate kids’ painting interest. KingsDragon offers hassle-free money-back warranty if you are dissatisfied with our drawing board.We offer friendly 24h per day, 7 days per week service.









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