KinHwa Quick Dry Hair Towel for Women Super Absorbent Hair Drying Towel for Curly, Long, Thick Hair Anti-frizz Large Size 3 Pack Black

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When it comes to taking great care of your hair, towel drying is often the most important. Wet hair is vulnerable hair, and a traditional bath towel causes hair breakage and tugs on your scalp as you rough dry your hair.Don't worry! your problems are over, because KinHwa is here to change that!The KinHwa hair towel is made of super quality microfiber fabric, it is soft and plush, and very gentle to your hair and skin, absorbs an incredible amount of excess moisture in short time, and also has anti-frizz properties. So what are you waiting for Wrap your new towel and go on with your enjoying your coffee or reading books; untie it and reveal your hair almost fully dried up - that's how simple it is!What's more, it has ideal 10"x25" dimensions; so it is perfect for all head sizes. Besides, it is also super compact when folded, which allows you to take it with you wherever you go!HOW DO I WEAR IT Lean forward so your hair falls in front of your face, place the end that has the button fastener at the nape of your neck, twist the turban until desired fit is achieved, and fasten the loop around the button, so it does not fall off.


SAVE YOUR BLOW-DRYING TIME: Unlike most other cotton towels that absorb very little moisture from your hair, this incredible microfiber towels will dry your hair quickly and naturally, reduce the risk of split ends | INCREDIBLE ULTRA-STRONG ABSORBENCY: These miracle turban towels can leave your hair slightly damp and ready for styling, say goodbye to after-shower headaches! | LARGE ENOUGH FOR ANY HAIR LENGTH & TYPE: 10inchx25inch, with two buttons for convenience to adjust tightness. It's soft and gentle, so you can use it on thin, thick or curly hair | PREMIUM QUALITY & DURABLE MATERIAL: Made of 100% high quality microfiber fabric, so it can take the wears and tears of daily use - regardless of how often you enjoy long baths or hot showers! | A SIMPLE & BETTER WAY TO CARE FOR YOUR HAIR: the head wrap turban towel comes with a strong elastic loop to secure towel in place. It's ideal for daily use at home, in your salon or while on travel

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