Kitki Escape Evil Fun STEM Board Game with Real Science Tricks & Trivia Toy for Girls & Boys

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Four scientists from across the world have been invited by the Earth Vision Industrial Labs (E.V.I.L), to create a chemical potion that would eradicate malnutrition. However, the E.V.I.L Chairman is looking to rule the world with a potent mind control potion. On refusing to cooperate, the scientists have been detained. Can you help them escape E.V.I.L

How The Game Works
Each player chooses a magic trick from a collection of 16 tricks that involve chemicals. Players roll dice and move on the board to collect the chemicals. Once collected, players distract the warden with their magic trick and escape. The first player to escape wins!

Awareness of Chemical Properties
Critical Thinking
Planning & Decision Making

Game Components
18" x 18" Board: Big boards have their own charm
16 Magic Tricks: Divided into three categories - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
45 Chemical Cards: Cards acquired on the purchase of corresponding chemicals. Plus exciting trivia behind each chemical card
30 Steal+15 Change Cards: Pseudo money for the financial transactions
40 Colour Markers: Markers of 4 colours that represent the chemicals purchased by a player
30 Action Cards: Special cards that aid the players' ability to escape
4 Pawns & 1 Dice: All made of wood
2 Reference Cards & 1 Manual: All the help required to play and master the game

About Kitki
Escape E.V.I.L. is conceptualised by Kitki to transform learning into a truly exciting experience. Visit us at & follow us at or


Creative Child Game Of The Year, Academics' Choice Brain Toy, Mom's Choice Awards - Gold, Parents' Choice Recommended by Parents' Choice & Tillywig Best Family Fun awards winner | Simple, fun board game based on science experiments involving chemicals from daily life. | No prior knowledge of chemistry required to play. | Use some of the tricks as ideas for school science projects. | For 2 to 4 players. Fun for all ages above 8 years.









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