Lasten 12 Colors Finger Paint Set for Toddlers,Non Toxic & Washable Kid's Art Painting Supplies 12X30ML

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Finger painting is especially important for early childhood education. It allows children to explore color in a tactile manner. If you are planning an early finger painting education for your kids, it is important to choose a safe and non-toxic finger painting kits.
Lasten 12 Colors Washable Finger Paint for Kid's, Non-toxic, Healthy, Eco-friendly and Washable ,paints will do not stain clothes, skin or furniture,so cleaning is never a hassle. Lasten finger paint will be a great gift for toddlers.

Why do children need to start early finger painting education
1.Develop children's imagination and creation: no need any drawing skills. Just click, press, drag, pull only, children will be feel free to create colorful world what they want, greatly promote children's imagination and creativity.
2.Improve activities of right brain: it is very important to children to learn more in preschool. They acquire color perception, right brain image thinking in this period. After missing, this ability is difficult to acquire.
3.Help children to develop sense of independence and the cooperation: kids finger paint is suitable for kids only, but it will be more fun when parent play with them, children will have a deep memory with parent in their childhood.
4.Improve children's confidence and optimism: bright color will let children happy and effectively stimulate the child's positive emotions, amazing finger painting let children have a sense of accomplishment and helps build a child's confidence and optimism.

Vibrantly Colored Finger Paint Kit
12 trendy colored finger paints includes: black, burnt sienna, green deep, scarlet, sky blue, orange, yellow mid, blue deep, lemon yellow, yellow green, crimson red, white!
Dimensions:5.5 x 4.1 x 2.2
Weight:18.7 ounces

Dear,please be sure to pay attention to this information!
Do not suck with mouth or smear over and take orally.


[Worry About Safety] - The main ingredients of Lasten fingerpaints art paints are cellulose, plant pigment, surfactant and pure water, passed ASTM F963 and ASTMD423 quality verification, which is non-toxic, eco-friendly and perfectly safe of the fingerpaint for kids. Finger paints are ideal for children summer activities, kindergarten activities, also suits for your pets to make footprints! | [Worry About Wash] - The washable finger paint kits are easily wash away with water or soap when naughty kids toddlers paints on hands clothes or furniture, can be refer to the children by hand directly (including fingertips, fingers, palms, the back of the hand, hand side) to take some appropriate pigments, then through fingerprints , palm prints, doodles and other forms work on the paper. | [Bright &Colorful Painting Supplies] - 12 PCS different color finger paint kit provide 30ml each finger paint tubes , packed with bright and mixable colors box.Our professional children washable finger paint kit with strong coloring force, can be used for hands, skin, clothes, writing paper, water powder paper, sketch paper, handicraft and wood art products, making children enjoy playing finger paint freely and show your children's rich imagination. | [Perfect Gift For Your Kids] - Finger paint is one of the important activities for early childhood education to cultivate children's patience and concentration, the development of the right brain and multiple intelligences, independent and optimistic awareness of training, and give full play to their imagination and creativity. Lasten finger painting kit provides THE SAFEST AND THE BEST gift to your kids | [Ergonomic Design] - The finger paints for toddlers with a easily opened cap can prevent paint from drying and spilling. No need to squeeze, easy to control the dosage. Your kids just need to pour the color paint on palette and have fun with their little hands. Expect your kid's creative paintings.



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