LED Light Up Balloons by Bright Holiday - Equipped On/Off Button - 3 Flashing Modes - Glow in the Dark 30 Pack LED Balloons - Lights Lasts 12-24 Hours - Perfect Decorations for Party - Fillable with Helium or Air

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An unusual addition to any holiday and gift that will amaze your guests and children. Glow in the dark balloons Balloons - make lebrations re lorful and enjoyable your kids. Our LED balloons are specially crafted with your festive spirit in mind, with LEDs inside these balloons will create a totally exhilarating and exciting luminous ambiance that will bring out the kid in you and your invitees. Breathe an air of happiness and glinting merriment into your birthdays party, wedding, kids party,Halloween party, holiday bash, Christmas party or color theme parties. 2 Original Ways to Make a Grandiose Party: 1 - the design of a room, office or any other room and turning into a real fairy tale with the help of these LED balloons and joy. Result at all one - delight! 2 - is the launch of balloons into the sky. The launch of ordinary balloons today is not particularly surprising, but when the luminous spheres fly up into the night sky - it looks incredible! Get Light Up Balloons and make your party most memorable! The delight of kids in your hands! Product Description: 30 Pack of balloons multi colored: red, yellow, blue, green, white. With a Button On/Off. 3 Light Modes: fast flashing, slow flashing, or constant on mode. Material type: High-Quality Latex Balloons size: 12Each LED Lights Contains AG3 Batteries >24 hours battery life. Twinkle for up to 12 hours at maximum power Fillable with Helium, Air Package Weight: 4.8 ounces Warnings: For kids over 3 years old. Children must play balloons accompanied by their parents. Use only an inert gas such as helium to fill the balloon. Keep away from fire. Balls should Not be swallowed, as they are hazardous to health.


??NEW BRAND: Glow in the dark balloons 12” is EQUIPPED with a BUTTON that allows you to turn on/off the backlight in a balloon even after you have inflated the balloon.?3 LIGHT MODES?fast flashing, slow flashing, or constant on mode.?LED balloons with several Certificates?CE-EMC, ROHS, EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3. Compatible with US standard. It is very safety for kids playing. | ??SAVES MONEY with our glow in the dark balloons. LED light up balloons WITH a BUTTON can be turned ON/OFF, and therefore re-used. This will save your money! | ??GUARANTEE DELIGHT. Perfect party decorations, party supplies, party accessories, party favors: Great for grand kids party, Christmas, wedding, bachelor Party, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Anniversary, Christmas Party, Baby Shower, Baptism, Engagement, Anniversary, glow dance party, neon party, boy or girl party, pajama party, party glow in the dark, birthday party, moana party, dark party, summer and pool party, fiesta party, Halloween party, New Year's Eve, holiday party and more. | ??LED balloon with tiny LED lights inside that give the balloon a glow in the dark effect when the light is activated. Lights are attached to inside of balloon and will not move around. LED light is fixed on top of the balloon, bright and illuminates the entire balloon. | ??SAFE AND EASY TO USE for you and kids. These LED balloons are made with premium quality latex that is safe to be used around kids. The batteries that provide power to these balloons are properly encapsulated and secured in safe plastic. Always remains cool to the touch. After all, your safety is our concern.









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