Lefree Aqua Magic Mat Large Size Water Doodle Mat Set 39 X 23in, Kids Painting, Aqua Magic Colors Educational Large Water Drawing Mat Toddlers Toys with Water Pens, Gift for Boys and Girls

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The drawing mat is surrounded by a cute,chin-like and entertaining design that stimulates your child's imagination. In addition, the set is equipped with sixstamps, stencils and a coloring book to increase the infinite fun of ourreusable paint mat. Children can improve their hand-eyecoordination, writing and drawing skills while having fun and enjoyment. Just open the pen and fill with water inthe filling direction. For a better result you should let the pins soak forabout 10 minutes before use. The stencils and shapes can be pressed intothe water mat to create images, or your child can use them to draw or repaintshapes. Avoid water pouring onto the doodle mat. Open the pen cap, Fill with water, Closethe cap, Wait a few minutes and then the adventure can begin. The pictures take3-10 minutes to disappear automatically. Tips: Use only with water. Do not wash in thedishwasher and keep away from heat. Productfeatures: Material: Waterproof nylon, polyester Mat size: 100cm x 60cm Target group: Children aged 1 - 12 years Delivery: 1x drawing mat (7 colors) 2x magic pencils 4x seals 10x stencils and shapes 1x user manual Orderthe reusable Lefree drawing mat now and prepare your child for play, fun andexcitement.


ENDLESS FUN, REUSABLE : Your child can paint everything on the drawing mat what comes to their mind. You can write shapes, pictures, letters, numbers, words, and more. There are no limits to the creative spirit. After about 3 to10 minutes, the magic happens and you can watch how the drawing slowly disappears and leaves a clean surface that can be used again and again. | SECURE, NOT TOXIC AND HAZARDOUS : Relax in peace with the conscience that your child can play with a non toxic, safe, creatively stimulating and fun set of character mats. With the water you do not have to worry about your child sucking on the crayons or completely damaging your home and furniture. | PERFECT KIDS TOYS : Our doodle board mat promotes hand eye coordination and fine motor skills as kids experiment with large colourful stencils. Also included is a helpful coloured drawing booklet.You will not regret your choice. | SPACE SAVING : Our extra medium mat with 100cm x 60cm doodle mat can be folded for easy storage and portability. so that nothing is in the way of family outing. With sufficient accessories all children can paint and play at the same time. | BEST SERVICE : We are so confident in our products that we offer you a 6 month ensure. If you have any questions,contract us. If you are not happy, we are not. So do not hesitate to contact us through message center or QA.

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