LEGENDARY LIFE The Kids Squishies: Slow Rising Jumbo Kawaii Creamy Scent White Unicorn Mousse Cake Squishy Toy for Parties Stress ADHD ADD Anxiety Autism Complimentary Magical Unicorn Children EBook

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LEGENDARY KIDS LIFE brand new, high quality, eco-friendly, Jumbo Slow Rising White Unicorn Mousse Cake Kawaii Sweet Cream Smelling Squishy. REDUCE STRESS: Every satisfying squishy squeeze helps release stress, anxiety and vent emotions while also serving as a conduit for positive sensory stimulation. Great to help children calm down during time outs. Ideal to occupy kids of all ages on a plane, in a car, in line, at the grocery store, dentist, doctor office and anywhere you take your kids. Squishies are also perfect for adults to squish. It a cuter, sweeter smelling and more therapeutic version of a stress ball for school or work that just makes you feel more at ease. IDEAL FOR: Kids birthday party presents and favors. Holiday gifts and decorations. As a festival item, early childhood education toy, hand pillow, finger and hand strength training and muscle rehabilitation toy. Makes a fun collectable. Fun decoration for Home, Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Bakeries. PRODUCT NOTES: Your squishy had a long journey and may arrive flat. Don't fret. This is normal. Your squishy will return to its normal shape soon after unpacking. Legendary Kids Life Squishies are durable and will deliver years of joy if cared for properly. However, please remember that they're "squishies" and not "pullies". Do not tear, pull, bite or scratch your squishy. Squishies can be washed if needed by gently cleaning dirty areas using a damp towel with mild soap and then rinsing with warm water. And remember, although they may look like food and smell sweet, squishies are not edible! Keep away from children under 3 years of age and pets. Choking hazard if the squishy is bitten into small pieces and attempted to be swallowed. Made from safe and eco-friendly polyurethane foam (pU foam). We invite you to go to the top right of this page right now and click on "Add to Cart" to make this squishy yours today!


WHY WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT PART 1; Sensory Stimulation; A jumbo sweet smelling slow rise magical unicorn mousse cake squishy possesses the rare ability to engage and stimulate three key senses simultaneously; touch and sight and smell; furthermore slow rise squishies are suitable and fun for legendary kids ages 3-103 | WHY WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT PART 2; Squishies have been demonstrated to be a positive form of stress relief and can also provide the comfort and companionship of a stuffed animal without the stigma that an older child or adult can sometimes feel possessing a plush toy; children of all ages and adults are always proud to show off their squishies | WHY WE LOVE THIS PRODUCT PART 3; COMPLIMENTARY HIGHLY RATED E-BOOK included upon request; Magical Unicorn Children; Creating a World that is Magical & Sparkling; This exclusive Ebook tells the story about how magic is created when you choose to be your unique self in a world that often seems like it is trying to make you something else; It is the core of why the Legendary Kids Life motto is; Live Your Legend | PRODUCT CARE INFORMATION; We like to playfully say that these are squishies and not pullies; To enjoy your squishy for years to come squish all you want but please don’t pull or tear your squishy or it could come apart; what makes them soft and magical also makes them delicate in that regard; Should you have any issues with your squishy at all then rest assured that we back all our squishies with a 100% GUARANTEE | LEGENDARY KIDS LIFE PROMISE; 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE; If for any reason you are not absolutely happy with your squishy we will REPLACE or REFUND your squishies order, no questions asked. CONTACT US DIRECTLY at Legendary Kids Life and we will take care of you. We love to make you smile no matter what it takes









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