LEROSETT Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask 3oz | Oil/Chemical Free | For Oily, Acne, Congested Skin, Pimples, Detox & Much More | 100% Organic, Choice of Dermatologists for Over 30 Years

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LEROSETT Organic Clay Acne Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask by Gunilla of Sweden is the powerhouse acne fighter proven to clear, treat, and heal cystic acne, blemishes, and problem skin. For over 30 years this clay has been the product solution to millions of acne sufferers. The only organic acne brand recommended by thousands of dermatologists, LEROSETT is made without the industry-standard preservatives and chemicals that often worsen skin conditions. Use the clay as a full mask or spot treat breakouts and see the difference of clearing acne the natural way.


à °Å ¸â€ ¡Â ¸Ã °Å ¸â€ ¡Â ª PROFESSIONALLY ACCLAIMED LEROSETT 100% ORGANIC CLAY MASK: LEROSETT Spot Treatment and Clearing Mask: THE ONLY SPA-GRADE ACNE & PROBLEM SKIN CLAY MASK thats 100% organic, NO chemicals or additives. A favorite for thousands of dermatologists, and skincare professionals for over 30 years. WAS ONLY sold to licensed professionals for 25 years; now, you too can experience the benefits of beautiful skin with LEROSETT. OVER A MILLION USERS-MADE IN SWEDEN-SINCE 1987 | à °Å ¸â€ ¡Â ¸Ã °Å ¸â€ ¡Â ª BEST PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT FOR ACNE & PROBLEM SKIN: Spot treats pimples overnight. Mask to clear acne, pimples, blackheads, tightens pores, detoxifies, improve skin clarity & texture. Minimize inflammation, redness, infection, reduces scarring, & future breakouts. HIGH ZINC LEVELS minimize oil production and boost proteins that heal & protect against infection. Everyone can use LEROSETT, bug bites stop itching, fights multiple rashes. | à °Å ¸â€ ¡Â ¸Ã °Å ¸â€ ¡Â ª BETTER, SAFER & MORE CONVENIENT: LEROSETT is lightly rubbed into the skin, dries in minutes without chemicals & can be removed depending on your tolerance, 10 min or overnight. ALWAYS PATCH TEST FOR SKIN SENSITIVITY. | à °Å ¸â€ ¡Â ¸Ã °Å ¸â€ ¡Â ª BIT OF SCIENCE FOR PROBLEM SKIN. A 3oz tube =30 facial masks; only 1-millimeter thick does the job or hundreds of spot treatments. We proprietarily heat-treated our mineral-rich rasul clay & water increasing absorption, no self-mixing, no fuss. LEROSETT has the most potent static charge (ionic charge) this is what starts the oil absorption and the pull you feel. | à °Å ¸â€ ¡Â ¸Ã °Å ¸â€ ¡Â ª SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. If you are unsatisfied, please message us, and we will provide a full refund. And, or, contact our licensed skincare team, email is on the product. We can answer your acne questions, or help you choose the products that will work for you. We recommend LEROSETT Moisture Matte to moisturize after each clay mask.









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