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A woman's hair is the first most noticeable part of her beauty. It's an important part of your appearance and sets the tone for your entire look. Picking the right hair style and colour that matches the shape of your face and compliments your skin colour and features can make a person go from oh... to wow!

Possible Product Differences:

1. We have made a lot of efforts to ensure that the synthetic hair scrunchie you receive will meet your expectations. As you know, our product images are taken by iPhoneX, so there would be a better reference to help you pick the color you like. But we are not sure if there will be some differences in the light and display. If so, please understand.

2. In addition, all products are inspected manually from our factory to ensure that the products are intact, but may not be in the perfect look when you receive due to the possible squeezing of the uncontrolled transportation process, which may require you to take a few seconds to take care of it, and its look in the images will be presented.

3. All products are hand-made, normally some hair fibers may shed when your first use, thank you for your understanding.

Care Tips:

Just like your own hair, synthetic hair will accumulate residue through normal wear. The synthetic bun should be washed as infrequently as possible or when you notice that the fibers appears dull. You can wash this hair bun after 4-6 wears.

1. Do not pull or drag the fibre, pick the hair from the ends and work your way up.

2. Fill a bowl with COLD water (never hot, as heat damages fibres). Soak the wig in water mixed with shampoo for a few minutes, Immerse your wig in a fresh bowl of cold water to remove shampoo.

3. Apply conditioner directly to your wig, stroking downwards from roots to ends.Leave in 4-5 minutes. Than rinse by immersing wig once more in fresh cold water.

4. Never squeeze, rub or wring your wig while drying.


Match your exquisite life in seconds: Very easy and secure fit for most people, designed with elastic hair tie for adjustable size and quick easy wear. Provides secure yet comfortable attachment for all day wear. | Easy to wash and care: Just need a little mild shampoo and hair conditioner then washing in lukewarm water, use your fingers or comb to tidy. allow it in a ventilated place to dry naturally. In order to ensure naturalness after washing, hair dryer is not recommended. | A great way to place yourself in the center of attention: Pick one of your favorite colors. This wavy hair buns extension stands up to the occasions of wedding, prom, date, play, back to school, or evening out. You must be the most unique one. | Messy Wavy bun scrunchy hair: Made of heat resistance synthetic fiber. completely natural, not shiny, soft and comfortable to wear. No plastic shine or smell. Washable but do not use curling irons, or hot styling instruments. | Tips: Exact Colors that are pictured might not be the same because of different monitors being used and cameras,please contact us if you have any question,we will always here.







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