LIDANDAN Flow Rings, Kinetic Rings Toy Fidget Slinky 3D Spring Toy Sculpture Ring Game Toy Rainbow and Silver 2-Pack for Kids Boys and Girl, Rave Accessories, Festival Accessories(Rainbow-Silver)

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WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE "Contact Seller" and we will refund you or ship you a replacement if the one you received fail to work in 90 days. INTERACTIVE TOY - FLOW KINETIC RINGS Playing with children can enhance communication play with loved ones, and enhance emotion Flow Rings Features: Let children stay away from mobile phones, increase face-to-face communication and provide a bridge for children to communicate with their parents As the rainbow flows on the arms, this is children's favorite toys in 2018. Put your phone down and take your kids move, more athletic and healthier. It's an academic question to move around the arms between the arms, and lead your children into the hall of science. DON'T HESITATE. GET IT RIGHT NOW package include: 2*bag, 1*silver flow ring and 1*rainbow flow ring


?NEW TREND– The 3D spring flow ring toy that drives the world crazy. Simple and sophisticated, fun and interactive toy, fits both kids and adult, that will occupy you for hours.This is a new trend of the fidget toy world | ? INTERACTIVE – Are you tired of having your kid on App all the time and no socialize? Our Kinetic Rings is exactly for you.Play with your kids, interesting and educational game that kids can share the happy with you | ? REDUCED PRESSURE – Take a moment from your busy day, it's time to release your stress. Let the Fidget Slinky toy carry you away and stop thinking about your daily issues for a while | ? BEAUTIFUL&COLORFUL – Flow rings rainbow, once you look at it, you can’t stop. Our kinetic spring Flow Ring include silver and rainbow colors. Its special design makes it so unique, as a rainbow flowing on the arm Watching your kid play our toy has never been so pleasant | Money Back Guarantee- "Contact Seller" and we will refund you or ship you a replacement if the one you received fail to work in 90 days









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