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Help your son or daughter sleep soundly and feel comfortable with this Calming Blanket by Life Tree! This heavy blanket is made with high-quality, ultra-soft microfiber, and features 2 original and unique styles in various colors and patterns. The double-sided, quilted design provides even weight distribution for maximum comfort and is filled with odorless, non-toxic glass beads that are free of any strong plastic smell.

Weighted comforters are designed to apply firm, consistent pressure to the body, which can be extremely relaxing and helps transition the body into sleep. Calming blankets should be approximately 10% of a child's body weight, or a little heavier if the blanket is larger. Our calming blankets for children are 41 by 56 inches and weigh 5 pounds, making them ideal for children who weigh between 70 and 110 pounds.

Our cooling blanket is completely machine washable and it does not need a cover so that it is ready to go whenever you need to help your child calm down or relax. Plus, it comes with a convenient drawstring carrying bag to easily take it wherever your infant or toddler might need it! At Life Tree, we are committed to providing superior therapy blankets, and we are proud to offer a two-year warranty. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your order. Your son or daughter will sleep well with the amazing, calming sensory experience provided by our pressure blankets!

Product Details:
(1) Calming Blanket
(1) Drawstring Carry Bag
Materials: Microfiber Polyester Fabric
Size: 41 x 56 inches
Weight: 5 pounds
Pattern: Blue Bear
Available in Pink Bunny


OUR CALMING BLANKET FOR KIDS 5 LBS provides a relaxing experience for your child through extra pressure stimulation. The best part? Our 5 lb calming blankets for kids are machine washable and don't require a cover and include a drawstring travel bag so you can take it anywhere | NO SMELL: Our kids 5 lb calming blanket is filled with premium glass microbeads and free from the smell associated with plastic pellets. The quilted design of our five pound calming blanket provides even weight distribution and no risk of your blanket slipping inside a cover | SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. In our years of working alongside children with sensory needs, we understand the positive impacts of extra sensory stimulation. We are confident you will love your Life Tree calming blanket and offer a two-year warranty. Please contact us if you have any concerns with your order | CHECK OUT OUR FULL RANGE OF DESIGNS and patterns of kids calming blankets to help you choose the perfect one for your child. Our heavy blankets for kids feature a double-sided design which your child will LOVE. Ideal for use at home, school, while away on holidays, take them anywhere! | PERFECT GIFT IDEA! Our sensory calming blanket for kids make the perfect gift for anyone who just likes the feeling of a big hug! A great gift for a special occasion or just because





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