LifeChamp Chess Sets for Adults and Kids with 15" Inch Large Folding Wooden Game Board and Storage for the Handcrafted Wood Chess Pieces

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A Classic Board Game for Friends and Family! Do you enjoy spending quality time with familyWork is getting busier and looking to spend more time with your little onesYou are looking at the perfect game for friends and family. Our company's mission is to let our customers spend more quality time with their loved ones. If you value the importance fostering a better relationship with them, this is the product you are looking for. We want you to have fun spending quality time playing our chess set together! Your Search for the Best Chess Set is Over! Wel Tell You Why. Measuring 15 inches, the large wooden chess board is designed to let you play the game comfortably. We made this beautiful chess set using high quality materials, with each chess piece beautifully handcrafted. The set comes with 3king pieces! You don have to worry about missing pieces anymore. Our product comes with storage with straps, so you can easily bring it out to play at the park or just about anywhere. It's foldable and light weight means you can bring it around and enjoy the game anywhere! Makes the Perfect Gift Carefully packed into our beautifully designed product box, our chess sets are gifting made easy. We are sure whoever you are gifting this to, they will like it! Give our chess set a try!


Large folding chessboard for easy game play but also light and convenient to carry around. | Storage with straps so you will never lose your chess pieces easily! | Handcrafted and perfectly-sized chess pieces so that they are easy to identify and comfortable to handle. | Comes with basic instruction and e-book – suitable for beginners. | We’re not happy until you are. If you have any question regarding the product, send us a message.









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