Lightweight Hair Cutting Cloak, Haircut Cape, Black Nylon Smock for Salon Hair Color Shampoo Makeup, Static Free Water Resistant Hairdress Apron Black Cloak, Large Long Back Length

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Features & Benefits Waterproof Nylon cape, easy to clean and dry quickly. High quality material, durable and comfortable, no smell, no stain. 3.9 inches closure, easy to open and close, be adjusted to fit different people with ease. Large enough to cover all your body while avoid feeling hot from time to time via unique design. Professional black cape for hairdressers on barber shop or Salon, silky fabric ensures a perfect customer experience. Handy hair cutting make-up cape for you and your family, protect your clothes from any hair dye, broken hair or cosmetics. Product Specifications Color: Black Material: Nylon Length of closure: 3.9 inches (10cm) Size: 50.39 x 57.48 inches (128 x 146cm) Net Weight: 190g (6.7ounce)



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