Lipster Medicated Lip Balm with 1% Hydrocortisone (3 pack)

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*Please note that hydrocortisone by itself has a bitter taste. Unfortunately, there is no way to mask that even with the natural ingredients we use. To avoid the bitter taste please refrain from licking your lips when using this lip balm, which will also help your lips heal faster. Lipster Medicated lip balm was created by two pharmacists who wanted a natural, vegan solution for lips suffering from drug or cosmetic allergies. Similar lip products use petrolatum or petroleum by-products, which are a good barrier, but lack the ability to penetrate and moisturize the skin. Lipster is formulated with natural oils and butters that moisturize the skin from the inside out, and natural wax that forms a barrier on the outside. Lipster medicated lip balm is the perfect lip care solution for chapped lips caused by drugs containing isotretinoin like Accutane, and for other itchy or inflammatory skin reactions like eczema, bug bites, and detergent allergies.


Contains 1% hydrocortisone. Helps soothe severely chapped, itchy, cracked lips. | Vegan formula - no beeswax. Certified vegan and animal cruelty-free. | No petrolatum or petroleum by-products. | Perfect for lips suffering from itching, peeling, and drug or cosmetic allergies. | For acne patients on isotretinoin products like Accutane, Amnesteem, Claravis, etc.









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