Little Moon Essentials Sleep-Inspiring Rub, Sleep Comes Easy, 3 oz.

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Aromatherapeutic ointments provide a safe and effective way to treat ailments and care for your health, naturally. While the pleasing scent is a bonus, the therapeutic properties that each specially-crafted blend carries also offers specific physical and psychological benefits for your needs. Sesame oil is known as a natural anti-inflammatory and detoxifies the skin, while olive oil helps moisturize without clogging pores and helps restore damaged skin cells. Handmade with care in Colorado since 1994, Little Moon Essentials started with a seedling of soothing bath salts that blossomed into a full line of 100% natural aromatherapeutic bath and body care products: bath salts, mists, lotions, massage oils, body rubs, sugar scrubs, lip balms, and deodorants. Our unique process of extracting the medicinal properties out of herbs and infusing them into natural base oils is done by utilizing the gravitational pull of the moon. Our energy-saving process eliminates the use of heavy machinery used to heat the oils without compromising the herb composition. Our safe, beneficial, and pure line of products is always paraben and preservative-free, and we only use the highest quality undiluted essential oils, every time. Respecting the planet and all its beings is very important to Little Moon Essentials, so rest assured that no animal testing is used, and we are proudly cruelty free.


PURE INGREDIENTS: An effective blend of organic sesame and olive oils, beeswax, ginger powder, lavender, frankincense, bergamot, vetiver, chamomile, and lemon oil. | SOOTHING RELIEF: Suitable for the whole family, this dream cream helps promote restful sleep. It is a calming blend that relaxes the body and mind and helps you sleep soundly, through the night. | HOW TO USE: Massage a small amount onto temples, neck, and bottom of your feet in a circular motion before bed. Breathe deeply, allow your senses to enjoy the aromatherapeutic benefits, let the day go, and dream. | FEEL GOOD: Our products are proudly vegan and cruelty-free. Made with natural ingredients, the formulas are also free of chemicals, preservatives, and parabens. | MADE IN THE USA: Handmade with care in Steamboat Springs, Colorado without the use of machinery, because conservation and environmental needs are our top priority.







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