LogicRoots Multiplication Division Equations Thinking Math Game Combo for 7 Years and up

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This Combo product contains two math games.
1) Pet Me: Multiplication and Division (without remainder) Math Board Game for Kids of 7years and up
2) Math Builder: Math Equation building Board Games to Learn Arithmetic for Kids of 7 years and up

Story and Concept
Pet Me: Pet Wonderland is a beautiful pet park that is home to lovely pets. They are all very hungry and waiting for you to visit the Park. Master one and two digit division on the way!

Skills AddressedPet MeBasic Divisions Use of divisibility rulesMultiplication tables Strategic Planning Math Builder Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division DMAS & Equation Balancing
Practice jump
11x more practice than traditional class time and worksheets

Target age group Grade 2 and above || 7 years and above

How it works
Roll the dice, move your pawn to the spots near the pets, Feed the pets and adopt them. The player who adopts most number of pets wins!

Contents of the box Math Builder01 Game Board 124 Road Tiles 01 Cement Bag (Tiles Bag)01 Instruction Manual Pet Me Box 1 Game board 4 Play Pawns 1 Dice 1 Box of 55 Food Pieces 36 Pet Cards(12 Bone Cards, 12 Milk Cards ,and 12 Chilly Cards) 1 Box of 48 Pet Tags - 12 for each player 1 Bag of 50 Red Hearts & 30 Pink Hearts 1 rule book
At Logic Roots, we are passionate about Math and work with the vision of Reinventing how kids practice Math through gamification of its concepts. Our Board Games, Card Games and Apps are widely used by top schools and homeschooling parents to help their boys and girls fall in love with Math.


2 MATH BOARD GAMES IN COMBO: Pet Me for Multiplication and Division, Math Builder for Arithmetic and Bodmas | COLLABORATIVE GAME PLAY FOR KIDS: A game play built around cooperation and collaboration. Develop math equations as you build 4 arithmetic skills of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication | WINNER OF PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS: Family Choice, Parent Choice, Brain Toy, Academics Choice | FUN FAMILY BOARD GAMES FOR CHRISTMAS GIFT: Games that both kids and parents love to play. Good for home schooling



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