London Magic Works Genuine US Double Sided Quarters with Instructions for Switching The Coins - Heads and Tails

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So you are looking for a gaffed coin so that you win the toss every time,..Have you considered that someone might catch youYou NEED A SIMPLE, EASY TO LEARN switch that is perfect for ANYONE so that you can win, Win, WIN! Our Double Heads and Double Tails Quarters are the answer! The coins are made using genuine US Quarters that have been removed from circulation and magically transformed. You have maximum believe-ability. Dont try this trick with a cheap copy or a shiny replica. Spectators will see right through you. Use a real coin and your trick is almost impossible to detect. Every coin is a little different - just like the ones in your pocket. Not only can almost anyone do this trick, it fits in your pocket so that you are always ready to go. But make sure that you dont spend it! It is after all, a real coin. Maybe you are wondering "will this look believable The answer is yes. You ask someone for a quarter. You quickly switch it for your gaffed double heads or double tails coin. Flip the coin and you win! The instructions show you how to switch the coin back when you are done. With a quick switch, you will hand them a standard quarter. If you want a easy to learn, easy to perform magic trick that consistently fools kids and adults, is almost impossible to detect and carries a money back guarantee, then, click ADD to CART now! You have found it!


PRECISION MADE FROM GENUINE US QUARTERS MAKES YOUR GAG ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO DETECT | LEARN A SIMPLE SWITCH SO THAT NO ONE CAN CATCH YOUR DECEPTION: Very little practice is required to be able to switch the coins; Give it as a gift or give it to yourself | QUARTER SWITCHES EASILY WITH A NORMAL QUARTER - you flip the coin and WIN Then hand out a perfectly normal coin to your astonished spectators | SIMPLE TO LEARN and EASY FOR YOU TO PERFORM - Easy switch that hides your gag | CHOOSE HEADS, TAILS OR BOTH SO YOU CAN KEEP WINNING NO MATTER WHAT









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