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My Fabulous Storyteller tells fantastic audio stories for children! Children are the hero of the stories. They can choose different elements to craft their own adventures: the hero, the setting, the secondary character and the object. It automatically comes with the album of he Fantastic stories of Suzanne and Benwhich contains 48 stories. Additional children stories are available to download on the Luniistore, a computer app downloadable from our website. Once you first set up your Luniistore account, we offer for free the Good-Night-Stories album. This kids toy keeps the entertainment going on both short and long distance journeys, in a smart and screen-free way while developing children imagination and vocabulary. My Fabulous Storyteller is the new-generation fun and interactive children radio set or children CD player. It could have easily been the descendent of a good old walkman from the eighties. Les Editions Lunii, our own publishing house, aims to create diverse content: bedtime stories for kids, everyday life, epics stories etc. Lunii ambition is to find a real alternative to screen-time. My Fabulous Storyteller is a nice complement to children books and is a great and original idea for children gift. This children toy works with a battery rechargeable with a USB cable (included). It is compatible with Mac and PC. Its autonomy is of 10 hours and is recommended from 3 years old.


48 Stories inside the Storyteller + 6 free "Sweet Dreams" stories with the Luniistore | Hundreds more stories to download on the Luniistore | Audio Stories where the child is the hero | Battery powered Toy rechargeable with an USB cable | Mac and PC connectivity | material type: varnished plastic | number of players: 1






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